The Very Best Store Design Technologies


Why Loss Prevention Technologies Are Essential For Store Design

Retail shrinkage may be the premier profit killer accountable for the demise on most retail companies. Shrinkage is nearly three occasions the typical store profit consequently it’s imperative the industry employs every tool essential to minimise the outcome of shrinkage. Using technology has been shown a highly effective tool against shrinkage.

As shoplifters and dishonest employees get smarter, it’s incumbent upon retailers to use effective control measures. There’s two control measures, that whenever used effectively, can minimise retail shrinkage: the best procedures and policies and loss prevention (lp) technology.

The best way of utilizing lp technology to improve profit is as simple as designing we’ve got the technology in to the store design blueprint. Failure to create lp technology in to the store design blueprint continues to be accountable for the ineffectiveness on most retail lp technologies.

Probably The Most Generally Used Retail Loss Prevention Technologies

There’s a multitude of retail loss prevention technologies available, the most typical being Closed-circuit television. Closed-circuit television could be built-into just about all such technologies to boost their effectiveness.

Probably the most generally used retail lp technology is:

• Closed-circuit television

• Reason for Purchase (POS)

• Exception Based Reporting System (EBR)

• Rf Identification (RFID)

• Electronic Articles Surveillance (EAS)

How you can Incorporate Loss Prevention Technology inside your Store Design Blueprint:

Using technology following a store continues to be designed won’t make the preferred outcome, technology should be integrated into the shop design blueprint to make it effective.

To have this you will have to perform the following:

• Consider your target audience.

• Identify the amount of protection needed.

• Specify the objective of we’ve got the technology.

• Consult lp department.

Steps for Incorporating LP Technology to your Store Design Blueprint:

Stick to the steps below when planning your store design blueprint.

1. Choose your target audience: this will allow you to determine the amount of security needed.

2. Consultant losing prevention department (in case your organisation has one) to solicit their input in to the design as they’ll be aware of the several areas that require protecting

3. Do the hiring of the loss prevention consultant (in case your organisation doesn’t have a loss of revenue prevention department)

4. Determine the functionality of every selected lp technology just before investment. Every technology must serve an objective in your store.

5. Make sure you use a multi-facetted approach that comes with a mix of Closed-circuit television, Reason for Purchase (POS), Exceptional Based Reporting System (EBR), Rf Identification (RFID) and Electronic Articles Surveillance (EAS).

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