The Importance Of Using the SOAR Platform


Cybersecurity is one of the biggest problems facing many companies as the world continues to move to the digital space. Threats are becoming more sophisticated, making them harder to detect and eliminate. Implementing SOAR security is one way to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and keep your website functioning optimally.

What Is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. It is designed to improve cybersecurity. By coordinating, executing, and automating various tasks on a single platform, responses to cyber security threats are notably quicker. Thanks to automation, SOAR can also identify future threats quicker and possibly prevent them. SOAR is easy to use, simplifying the cybersecurity process and improving the overall website quality.

What SOAR Allows You To Do

Finding the best soar platform possible isn’t optional, especially if you value cybersecurity. Some of the things you can expect from SOAR include:

●      Multiple Security Solutions

In most cases, cybersecurity requires more than one security tool, making using them challenging. SOAR allows you to combine different security tools, functioning simultaneously to improve cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is easier when all the data and analysis your team needs are conveniently located in one place, despite using different tools.

●      View Everything In One Place

Easy access to already-established information is the key to improving the response time to cybersecurity threats. All the necessary cybersecurity information for your website is conveniently located in one place for your security team to access quickly. It also provides a comprehensive database for your security team, making investigation and remediation easier.

●      Speed incident response

With an automated response, the time needed to detect a threat or respond to one is significantly reduced. The threat response is almost instantaneous and no action is required on your end. As speed is very important in cybersecurity threat detection and response, a soar platform makes cybersecurity far better.

●      Prevent Time-Consuming Actions

Manual response to cybersecurity threats involves a lot of trial and error that can be time-consuming and possibly hurt your website. You don’t have to worry about repeating tasks with SOAR. Your cybersecurity team only has to worry about the results of the already automated processes, making response time faster.

●      Access Better Intelligence

With a greater database at your disposal, analysis and insights are improved as opposed to a smaller database. With different security tools providing data, all responses seem more intelligent. When investigating any cybersecurity threats, your security team is better equipped to handle them.

●      Improve Reporting And Communication

All the information and data needed for a report are conveniently located in one location, making communication easier. Reports are generated quicker and have metrics to help project a clearer picture of the situation. With accurate reports and projections, implementing necessary changes becomes easier.

●      Boost Decision-Making Ability

The decision-making process is essential in cybersecurity, which also requires speed and precision. With improved analytics and metrics, security personnel can make faster decisions with fewer possibilities of errors. Thanks to the ease of SOAR, building a cybersecurity playbook is easier, and with some suggestions, your job is all the easier.

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