High-Quality Cable Manufacturer


Operating out of a 40,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Sycor Technology is a high-quality cable manufacturer that also manufacturers and distributes cable management products, wire, harnesses and tubing. It has been doing so since 1981 and is one of North America’s leading suppliers of cables and related products. Its clientele, which is worldwide, is not only pleased with the quality of Sycor’s products but also with how quickly they’re manufactured.

Cables for High-Heat Environments

One of the ways that this cable manufacturer impresses its clients is with the ability to manufacture cables that can withstand grueling, high-heat environments and still perform to expectations. Sycor’s high-temperature wires can withstand temperatures from 90 to 450 degrees Celsius and, in some cases, even exceeding those. Some of the situations where these types of wires would be needed include cooking environments and aerospace applications.

Oil and Gas Cabling Needs

The oil and gas industry also has specific cabling needs that must be met. Not only are excessive temperatures oftentimes experienced by cables used in these environments but so are dangerous chemicals, salt corrosion and drilling mud. Sycor makes sure that those cabling challenges are overcome so that downtime occurrences are kept to a minimum.

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