Do You Keep A Track of Your Target Audience Online?


If you are planning to start an e-commerce store in Singapore, then you should know everything about the demographics of your potential customers. Only when you have this data on your fingertip, can you formulate a strategy to dominate search results and increase your store sales. So, have a look at all the users of online shopping 2019 and try to discover more information about them. Some basic research can reveal that with 34.3%, people in the age group 25-34 were the highest among those who shopped online followed by age group 35-44 (23.9%) and 18-24 (23.3%). Users in the age group 45-54 covered 14% space among all online shoppers while people older than 54 were just 4.4%.

Whenever you give a final touch to your e-commerce product listing, you can include more of those products that are consumed by users between age group 25-34. And avoid listing too many of those products that are consumed by senior citizens for a better conversion rate. Try to unearth more such data so that you can take better decisions and enjoy a good conversion rate.

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