Are We Able To Do Without Technology?


No, we can’t do without technology. Technologies are something which in the current time is essential for quality of existence. No music, no internet, no video games, no TV, a real drag, no social existence, there’s simply no existence without technology. Within this busy world technologies are required for the simplest things, whether it is an noisy alarms or perhaps a coffee machine. It’s growing in a lightening speed and which makes it challenging for people to maintain it.

With laptops, pcs, mobile phones, handheld tools individuals have greater than needed sources but they are not able to make use of these wisely. Every one of us uses technology somewhat or another to create existence simpler which is why it’s come a lengthy way, with tremendous developments in every field, whether it is the internet or cell phones.

All of us use technology somewhat or another. The question for you is which are we while using latest development and advancements in technology towards the best? The whole world depends upon technology because it bought great items like cars, medicines, microwaves, etc. and every day there’s the brand new development. Telephones and laptops or even more likely iPads are utilized to execute routine tasks. If they are removed, then people believe that their existence is grabbed. It’s possible to say technologies have its negative effects and it has made us lazy, impatient and dependent. It’s the sole reason why the whole world is functioning normally.

When we begin to see the positive side then because of technology, we are able to execute complex surgeries, we’ve apps within our cell phone which allow us to trace our overall health, finances, etc. Technology makes it possible for an individual having a disability to run or walk inside a marathon it’s the reason why helps a person having a disability to talk with all of those other world. For the reason that of technology that people can speak with our buddies and relatives in remote places.

Companies use both internet and mobile phone applications to achieve to some wider audience to grow their variety of services and without technology, it’s not possible. Technologies are neither good nor bad, at this time it’s not easy to do without technology, but yes, we are able to find uses of it wisely and never entirely rely on it. Eventually, within the finish, we have started to the final outcome that we’re not entirely determined by technology, yet we depend onto it for the majority of the things within our daily existence.

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