3 Tips For Safely Using Social Media To Share About Your Vacation


If you have a big trip coming up that you’d love to document and share via social media, there are a few things that you should know about doing this in order to help keep yourself, your property, and anyone else traveling with you safe. Because people online can use basically any and all information against you if they so choose, it’s wise to be careful about what you share and when.

To help you in figuring all of this out, here are three tips for safely using social media to share about your vacation. 

Keep Your Location Private

Although it can be fun and exciting to share with people where you are on your trip, sharing your location or checking into certain geographic locations when you’re traveling can be dangerous. 

When you share your location online, people from all over the world can search for people based on that location. This can make it easier for people to pinpoint you if they are hoping to take advantage of someone that’s a tourist or may not be familiar with the area. But by keeping your location private and not checking in anywhere online, this information will remain private. 

Don’t Go Live

While people who’ve grown up using social media might automatically understand why this is some of the best advice when it comes to sharing online about a vacation, those who might be new to social media and wanting to share about their last vacation before moving into a senior living facility might not understand why going live could be a dangerous thing for you to do.

When you go live on social media, not only can people see what you’re doing and where you are, but they can also tell where you aren’t. If there are people that are wanting to take advantage of you, be it by finding you where you are or going to your home when you’re not there, going live will give them all of the information they need. So to best protect yourself while on vacation and to keep your home safe when you’re away, it’s wise not to go live on social media. 

Post After You Get Home

Even though it can be hard to do, the best way to make sure that you, your travel companions, and your property back home are all able to stay safe when you’re on vacation is to wait to post until you get back home. 

If you post that you’re not going to be at home for a certain period of time, your home could become a target to people looking to break in or steal something from you. But by waiting until you’re safely back home to post anything about your trip, you can eliminate this threat. 

To best protect yourself when using social media to share about a trip, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above. 

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