3 Social Media Tips For Beginners


Whether you have just finally signed up for social media over the age of 75 or you’ve been on the sites for awhile but have no clue what you’re actually doing, it’s not always easy or intuitive to get the likes and follows you desire. 

You may need to improve your social media presence for your business or perhaps just for your own personal reasons. Either way, there are some simple things you can do in order to be more successful at it! Here are 3 social media tips for beginners. 

Post Regularly 

Posting regularly or at a similar time each day or week is an important part of staying relevant on social media. Accounts that post sporadically or not very often don’t tend to do as well as those that post on their feeds and stories with some consistency. 

Make a plan to post either daily or on certain days of the week, and choose a time of day that people will be online checking their phones so that you can get greater engagement. Once you get into the routine of it, you’ll notice that it’ll help your social accounts to do better in the long run. 

Engage With Followers

Doing well at social media isn’t just about posting content, but about engaging with people as well. When your followers comment on your posts or message you privately, you should make an effort to always respond to them. This makes them feel special and will help them to realize that you’re not just a social media account but an actual human being as well! Making things more personal will do wonders for your online presence. 

Find Your Niche

The social media accounts that tend to do the best are the ones which have very specific niches and target audiences. If you post about a lot of different random topics all the time, people may lose interest quickly because they’ll like some of your posts but not others. This can be problematic if your mission is to gain more followers. 

Instead, choose something to focus on with your account. For example, if you’ve recently retired and are finding joy in your new lifestyle, you may choose to have your social media account highlight all of the various things that retirement has to offer. Of course, this type of account won’t be for everyone, but many people will find it helpful, enjoy the content, and continue to follow you and recommend that others do the same. 

Social media isn’t always easy to navigate, but by doing a little research and putting a small amount of effort in, you can become an expert! Hopefully these tips will help and before you know it you’ll find it to be a total breeze. 

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